What Are We Looking For?

Professional Qualifications
We strive to look for candidates who come with the right qualifications, understanding, and specific skill sets for the job they are considered for. We also evaluate how keen one is to learn and grow in the job so as to become an asset to our organisation.

Positive Attitude
We hire people who have the right attitude and determination to get the job done. We strive to work as a co-existing team and integral part to the organisation.

Ethical Track Record
At Tata Projects, our business is far reaching, and so are our career opportunities. With an ethical track record, we believe in teamwork, commitment, and caring values. With new ideas brimming, our focus on business and to improve infrastructure facilities in India continues.

Join Oceanofive Projects

At Oceanofive Projects, most of our work entails project management and related project execution for the infrastructure industry. We are committed to delivering projects on time and that requires working in collaboration with cross-functional teams of professionals.